Jinbao Street lies to the north of Chang’an Avenue and to the east of the central axis line. It is only a kilometer away from the west of the Forbidden City. Jinbao Street boasts unique geological advantages, starting from Jinyu Lane in the Wangfujing commercial circle in the west, extending to Yabao Road of Second Ring in the east, facing Chang’an Avenue in the south and adjoining Chaoyangmen Avenue in the north. Easily accessible from all directions, it is indeed a treasure-and-talent-hoarding place near the Imperial Palace.
Jinbao Street looks like a golden basin, with building clusters rising high all around and leveling out in the middle. It is the hub of commerce which dominates the surrounding commercial areas of Wangfujing, CBD, Jianguomen and the embassy district. What’s more, Jinbao Street connects the core commercial area of Wangfujing and the central business district, creating a street with epochal significance.
Jinbao Street is 730 meters in length with eight plots on both sides which are composed of four luxury hotels including Regent, Park Plaza, Legendale and Xinhai Jin Jiang; four class-A office buildings including Jinbao Tower, Huali Building, Dongcheng District Administrative Center etc as well as high-end commercial properties such as the Beijing Hong Kong Jockey Club Clubhouse, Jinbao Place and serviced apartments for foreigners etc.
In Jinbao Street, luxury hotels, top clubhouse, high-end shopping malls, class-A office buildings, serviced apartments and other high-end properties boast complementary functions and uniform high quality, creating a gathering platform for numerous high-end brands and a typical modern international commercial street in China.
Regent Beijing is a flagship hotel of Regent in Asia. Legendale Hotel, which is built in neoclassical style similar to buildings in South Europe, presents an exotic appearance distinctively different from other hotels in Beijing.
Class-A office buildings such as Jinbao Tower, Huali Building have attracted international companies like Canon and Ogilvy to settle in them.
The prestigious Hong Kong Jockey Club chose Beijing as the location for its first clubhouse for high-profile members in China’s mainland. The clubhouse is situated near the heart of Jinbao Street. It inherits Hong Kong Jockey Club’s spirit of high-quality and thoughtful service and distinguished hospitality offers to the members by providing them superb and considerate facility services as well as exquisite, palatable cuisine. Thanks to the club’s philosophy and tradition of charity,all its members are upright, benevolent elite figures who are able to undertake the social responsibilities.
Numerous international brands such as GUCCI, BottegaVeneta, VERTU can be found in Jinbao Place.
Luxury car exhibition hall in Jinbao Street displays us the rare luxury of brands like Ferrari, Maserati, Aston Martin, Benz, Land Rover and Jaguar, further confirming the status of Jinbao Street as a high-end commercial street which meets international standards.
The five best Chinese restaurants selected by Food and Wine Magazine include Dadong Sea Cucumber Restaurant and Lei Garden, both of which are located in Jinbao Street. 1949²-Jinbao Street, the Family Li Imperial Cuisine, Jingya Restaurant also add to the specialty cuisines in Jinbao Street. In addition, the Regent's Italian restaurant Daccapo and the Portuguese restaurant of Legendale Hotel offer the best foreign cuisines in Beijing. Patara is the first restaurant established by Thailand’s most celebrated catering group in China, which serves the royal family of Thailand and its embassy in China. Thanks to its historic and cultural accumulation, Kanazawa Japanese Restaurant offers colorful, elaborately cooked delicacies which impress you with nice visual effect and good flavor.
Jinbao Street is shining with a multitude of luxury hotels, high-end clubs, luxury car exhibition hall, jewelry museum, shopping malls, fine restaurants, high-grade furniture & home stores, creating a purely high-end consumption circle in Beijing and even China.


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Latest News

Jinbao Street airport bus line open to traffic

On September 24, 2014, the opening ceremony of the Wangfujing & Jinbao Street airport bus line took place at Regent Hotel Beijing on Jinbao Street.

Walk into Jinbao Place, Explore the Amazon rainforest

Recently, as a part of the campaign to promote Peruvian culture in China, Beijing Jinbao Place launches an activity week with the theme of Peruvian Amazon——Lung of the Earth jointly with the Embassy of Peru. The Ambassador of Peru to China Gonzalo Gutierrez attended the launching ceremony to initiate this grand activity with Lu Yi, general manager of Jinbao Place.

Presenting Luxuries and cross-art aesthetics

Recently, Jinbao Place launched creative ideological art exhibition to present a series of amazing artistic works in forms of photography and installation art which combine the creativity with exquisite workmanship in an incomparably eloquent way.

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